HTC Get Started

  • Does HTC Get Started work on my phone?

    HTC Get Started is only currently available on the devices listed in the device selection page on the website. If your model is not listed, then it is currently not supported.

  • Why can' t I find my country on the HTC Get Started website?

    The countries listed on the HTC Get Started website are those where supported phones are available and we have legal Terms and Conditions. If you don' t see your country, but you know that the service works on your phone, then unfortunately it' s because we don' t yet have HTC Terms and Conditions available.

  • Why can' t I find my phone?

    The phones listed on the HTC Get Started website are those that shipped with the service installed when the phones were first released in a given country.

    Please note that we do not display those phones that received the service as a part of a software update. For those phones, please follow the instructions on your device.

  • Why can`t I find my mobile operator?

    If you can't find your mobile operator, we recommend seeing if you can find a generic version of your phone on the website, and simply selecting that. If you can't find your phone, then it's probably because we don't support it.

  • I finished on the web - how do I get my settings down to my phone?

    If you haven' t turned on your phone yet, then when you do, you' ll be prompted in the phone' s Setup Wizard.

    • On some phone models running a newer version of the service, you' ll be prompted to select how you want to set up your phone. Please select "Restore, transfer, or import content," and then select "Apply HTC Get Started setup".
    • On some phone models running an older version, you' ll be prompted to "Apply settings from the web." Just tap the button, and you' ll be on your way.

    If you are already using your phone, and have already signed into your HTC Account, then you should have received an Android notification to "Apply your phone settings", which when tapped, will kick-off the configuration process.

    If you are already using your phone, but are not yet logged into your HTC Account, then you' ll need to do so to complete the process:

    1. Tap the All apps button at the bottom center of the Home screen.
    2. Tap the Settings icon.
    3. Select Accounts & sync.
    4. Tap the Add "+" button at the top right.
    5. Select HTC Account.
    6. Sign in using the same credentials you used on the web.
    7. Tap the "Apply your phone settings" notification when delivered to your phone a few moments after signing in.

    Please visit our Help if any of the steps listed above did not work for you.

  • What if I didn' t receive the "Apply your phone settings" notification?

    First, you' ll want to confirm that you have a data connection on your phone.

    Once confirmed, if you' re still on the final screen of the Get Started web experience, then you' ll have the option to click the Resend button in order to resend the notification to your phone.

    If you' re no longer on the web, then you can pull down the configuration from your phone by following these steps:

    1. On some phone models running a newer version of the service:
      • Tap the All apps button at the bottom center of the Home screen.
      • Tap the Setup icon in the apps menu or the Tools folder
      • On the first screen, select "Restore, transfer, or import content" and on the next screen, select "Apply HTC Get Started setup".
      • Follow the on-device instructions.
    2. On some phone models running an older version of the service:
      • o Tap the All apps button at the bottom center of the Home screen.
      • Tap the Setup icon.
      • Skip through the steps until you see the "Fast and easy setup" screen.
      • Tap Apply Settings
      • Follow the on-device instructions.

    Please visit our Help if any of the steps listed above did not work for you.

  • Why didn' t the code on my phone work on the web?

    the pair code you saw on your phone screen is valid for 30 minutes only, after which it expires for security purposes.

    To generate a new code, please tap the refresh icon next to the pair code field on your mobile phone.

  • Why did I receive a "settings not found" notification?

    This could have occurred due to any number of reasons:

    • You did not save your web settings prior to exiting the site.
    • You saved your configuration using a different set of HTC Account credentials than you are inputting on your phone.
    • You previously applied your settings to your phone.
    • You did not send your settings down to your phone within the required time frame.

    Please note that we will automatically wipe your settings from our system shortly after you send your configuration down to your phone, or 30 days after you save your configuration file whichever comes soonest.

  • Why did some items fail?

    In some cases, the items you configure on the website will not properly set on your phone. The most likely reason for this would be if your phone is running a different version of Android or HTC Sense than we assumed when you configured your phone on the web. Another reason for this would be if your data connection dropped during the configuration process. Please try again, and if this still does not work, then we recommend configuring your settings manually on your phone.

  • Why are you forcing me to update my application?

    We want to make sure you have the best possible Get Started experience, and so sometimes to do so we' ll need to push an updated version of the software to your phone before you' re able to use the service. Just follow the instructions provided on the phone, and when done, you should be good to go.

  • Do I need to pay to use the Get Started service on the website?

    This service is free, but keep in mind that because Get Started uses a wireless data connection to deliver your settings down to your phone, you may be subject to data charges from your mobile operator. As such, we recommend using Wi-Fi on your phone to retrieve your Get Started settings.

  • How do you secure my data?

    We use AES 256 bit encryption to encrypt your information.

    While in our system, your data is secured behind multiple firewalls until shortly after it is sent down to your phone (or wiped from our system entirely).

    While in transit, we ensure that your data is transmitted to our servers and to your phone using https communication encryption.

  • How is my data retained and deleted?

    Data entered into HTC Get Started is removed from our systems as soon as our servers receive confirmation from your phone that it received your settings. We wipe all of your data and account information from our system. If you do not send your settings to your phone within 30 days, then we delete all of your data and account information from our system.

  • How do I use Get Started?

    Visit on your computer web browser, and walk through the steps that follow. Once you have completed the steps, then you should receive instructions on the final screen of the web that walk you through what you need to do on your phone to complete the process.

  • Can I sign back in on the web and edit my Get Started settings?

    No, though we plan to offer support for this in the future. For now, if you need to edit your saved Get Started settings, then you' ll need to start the web process all over again.

  • Can I apply my web settings to a phone that' s different from what I configured online?

    No, the settings can only be applied to the same phone model that you configured on the web.

    Also, if you are using the same phone model that has a different Android version or HTC Sense version, then some of your settings may not work, but we' ll try our best to get the settings applied to your phone.

  • Why don' t you support all of the accounts that I use: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

    We are working with multiple partners to try to support the popular accounts that so many of you use. Unfortunately though, we do not have a timeline that we can share at this point.

    In the interim, for email accounts you can choose to set them up by selecting "Other email."

  • Can I make changes to the personalization themes?

    Yes. Just press "Next Step" and you can change whatever you' d like in the steps that follow.

  • How many apps can I select for download to my phone?

    You can choose as many apps as you want, though you' ll want to make sure there' s enough memory on your phone first. It' s also highly recommended that you connect your phone to Wi-Fi to speed up the download and avoid operator data charges.

  • Do I need to purchase the apps that I chose to download?

    No, the apps that you see on our website are all free downloads.

  • Why can' t I use "Upload Custom Ringtone"?

    This feature is only available for certain HTC device models, and only available if you' re accessing the web using Google Chrome or Apple Safari. We hope to add more browsers in the future.

  • Can I share my personalization with others?

    This is coming soon.

  • Why did my home screens change after using Get Started?

    Once you choose to configure your home screens using HTC Get Started, all previous home screen settings are replaced with what was selected on the web.

  • Why is there a folder created on my home screen after I applied the settings to my phone?

    If you selected a Quick Style from our website, the apps that are preselected for the Quick Style will be grouped in a folder on your home screen.

    The folder will be created on old phone only.

  • Why do you need to temporarily disable "Verify apps" when downloading applications to my phone?

    Google recently added a security mechanism called "Verify apps" designed to better protect users against malware and other harmful software. In order to install applications using HTC Get Started, we need to temporarily disable this functionality, and reenable it after the installation process is complete. We feel comfortable doing so because the applications we' re installing are ones that we have already validated with the application developers. If you do not feel comfortable with this though, then you should not select to download any applications using HTC Get Started.